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Turkic Belt Ministries (TBM) is a unique ministry based on the life and work of Rev Elnur Jabiyev.  Elnur was born in Azerbaijan where he became a Christian and went on to be the General Secretary of the Baptist Union. In 2009, Elnur came to the UK and from 2010 onwards started preaching tours across Europe. TBM was registered as a charity in September 2015 and in the same month held its first conference in Georgia for persecuted Christians in Azerbaijan. Since then many conferences and training events have been held and we have seen lots of lives changed. 

Through Elnur’s experience, gifting and connections, and the support of a range of volunteers, TBM is able to meet the needs of persecuted Christians, to support church planting and the development of Christian leaders in the region and to preach the Gospel in many locations where it would not otherwise be heard. You can be part of this expanding ministry through prayer, financial giving or being part of one of our conferences in the region (contact for more information). We rely wholly on voluntary contributions for our financial support.

Turkic Belt Ministries

Turkic Belt Ministries exists to support persecuted Christians in Turkic Belt countries, which include Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, the South Caucasus countries and Central Asia. Our work focuses on training and equipping leaders and ordinary Christians. We preach the Gospel and support the churches in the region in their evangelism and discipleship. We also involve Christians in Western Europe through prayer, financial support and practical engagement to increase their vision for persecuted Christians especially in Turkic Belt countries. Our long-term vision is to establish a training centre in the region to develop church leaders and build unity in the church.


This map shows the countries in which TBM seeks to operate.  Current work is focussed in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

All of the countries in our region have a majority Muslim population.  Christians are persecuted to a greater or lesser extent in each of the countries.  God is moving powerfully in the Turkic Belt region and throughout the Muslim world and we are seeing many people come to Christ and being discipled.  Our current focus is on three countries:


With a population of 84 million, and an estimated 0.2% of Christians, where TBM is supporting an Iranian church in Izmir and developing evangelism and discipleship ministries in Istanbul


With a population of 10 million, and an estimated 2.7% of Christians, where TBM has strong links with church networks, supports key leaders and ordinary Christians and organises encouragement conferences and training events for Azerbaijani Christians


With a population of 84 million, and an estimated 0.5% of Christians, but with one of the fastest growing churches in the world. As well as supporting Iranian refugees in Turkey, TBM provides support to Iranian church leaders and missionaries working in Iran.


Speaking Engagements

Elnur is available to come and speak to your church and tell you more about the work of TBM.
Please contact us to make a booking

Turkish flag

Ministry in

Elnur visits Turkey frequently to support an Iranian church we planted in Izmir and expand our ministry in Istanbul and other locations. You can follow his progress by signing up to our monthly newsletters


Conferences and Training

TBM is planning to resume our training and encouragement conferences for Azerbaijani Christians in Georgia. If you would like to join us for one of these trips, contact us at


Regular Prayer Meetings

We pray for the work of TBM at 8pm on the third Thursday of each month. We would love you to join us.
Contact for log in details.

TBM aims to be Christ-centred, Courageous, Compassionate and Committed to the truth.  Our key verse is “If one part [of the body] suffers, every part suffers with it” (1 Cor 12:26).


TBM’s vision is to see strong, indigenous churches growing and multiplying across the Turkic Belt Countries, with Muslims coming to Christ and Christians able to flourish and grow in their discipleship, even under persecution.