This map shows the countries that make up the Turkic Belt, stretching from Bulgaria and Turkey in the West to Kazakhstan and the western reaches of China towards the East.  The countries across the region vary considerably, but this is one of the most conflict-heavy regions in the world at present.  The recent history of Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan in particular are in the news frequently.  At present, with the crisis in Iraq and Syria caused by the rise of Islamic State, reports from the region are incredibly troubling.  Christians are being persecuted and martyred for their faith on a daily basis.

Whilst other regions are not seeing the same levels of violence, the fact that most of these countries are Islamic states poses problems for Christians living in the area.  Those who declare faith in Jesus Christ are often subjected to persecution by the establishment, with their livelihoods threatened and their safety endangered.   They live in fear, but still endeavour to share the Gospel with those around as best they are able.

This is a vast area of the world, in desperate need of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  There are around 500 million people living in the region.  Yet over 98% of people in the area have never heard the Gospel.  We want to see the Gospel preached along the entirety of the Silk Road, to bring restoration and healing to the people of Central Asia.