Our Vision

The Turkic Belt is a group of countries across Central Asia, stretching from Turkey in the west to Tajikistan in the east.  Since the Middle Ages this stretch of land was a bustling trade route, named the Silk Road.  It was a pathway that linked East and West – goods such as porcelain, medicines, perfume came from China to the countries of Western Europe, while the Chinese were introduced to cotton, wool, agricultural goods and precious metals. Christian missionaries were common in the area from as early as Medieval times, resulting in the sharing of the Gospel across the region. It became a multicultural area, with visitors from many countries, and a massive opportunity for evangelism.  Christianity became ingrained in parts of the region, and a vibrant Christian community was present. Today many of the Turkic Belt countries are Islamic states, and often environments where Christians are persecuted for their beliefs.  Those who do follow the call of God into ministry sacrifice their careers, livelihoods and safety to obey Him. The vision of Turkic Belt Ministries is to see the whole of the Turkic Belt rediscover its inheritance and return to God. We work across the region, but also aim to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those Turkic and Russian speaking people who live across Europe and in the UK.

How we help


Resources such as Christian books and Bible commentaries are scarce in the languages of the Turkic Belt.  We will work to translate resources for the local church, to encourage and strengthen them in their faith.


We carry out training with pastors, church leaders and missionaries across the Turkic Belt.  We provide safe environments, away from persecution, where the leaders of churches in the Turkic Belt can meet.  We provide theological training and support to develop the natural leaders within the Turkic Belt churches.


We travel across the Turkic Belt, ministering to those in need.  As we travel, we notice a great requirement for practical support.  There is a great deal of poverty across the region.  Those who move into ministry in the church often struggle to support their families.  We aim to provide practical support to people in the region, to lift them out of poverty, and allow them to follow God’s calling on their lives.

Governance and Accountability

As a charity we recognise the importance of accountability and Godly leadership.  As such, we have formed both an advisory council of experienced and respected Christian leaders.  We are also incredibly grateful to our board of trustees who contribute and supervise the work of the charity on an ongoing basis.